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I'm Julie

I write speculative fiction and mythological non-fiction

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Recent Publications

Devil's Lace - Diabolical Plots

Lucie finds herself in a battle for her immortal soul. The only way to win is if she out-crochets a devil, and somehow faces the demons inside herself.

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Cloud Cover - Paper Lanterns, Issue 10

When something goes wrong in the whimsical Cloud Store, Jamilla and an unlikely friend must save themselves from certain destruction.

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The Mechanic - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

When Bell's latest job goes south, she must trek into dangerous territory to retrieve the parts she needs... or die trying.

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Craft Your Own Adventure - Paper Lanterns, Issue 4

While Marya was usually excellent at imagining the worst, opening a portal to another world while crocheting had never really crossed her mind.

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Tended - Channel Magazine

It had taken two weeks to find the wall. She’d nearly missed it, paddling down the great, bloated river towards the sea, following the remaining birds. They would know where the last seeds grew.

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